There are many different advertising opportunities on the WhatDVD website. If you’re interested in advertising with us then you can contact us using the form below.

Site Sponsorship
WhatDVD.Net is available for site sponsorship, which could include the purchase of groups of banner ads, review sponsorship or any form of advertising that suits your needs.

DVD Review Sponsorship
If you think our DVD reviews could help promote your site or product, let us know as we offer sponsorship of reviews on a per review basis.

Banner Advertising
We offer two sizes of banner advertising on our website, 728×90 leaderboards and 300×250 rectangles. We can also display skyscrapers or tower ads from 140 pixels wide to 160 pixels wide.

Press Releases
If you’re a PR agency for a distribution company and you’d like us to post one of your press releases or features, please contact us with the form below.