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Are We There Yet? DVD Review

Are We There Yet?

December 4, 2005

Director: Brian Levant,
Starring: Ice Cube, Jay Mohr, Nia Long, M.C. Gainey, Aleisha Allen, Philip Bolden, Jay Mohr, Tracy Morgan, Nichelle Nichols, Henry Simmons, Ray Galletti, ,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

There seems to be a disease going around big action heroes at the moment. First it was Vin Diesel, who felt the need to soil himself in the kiddie comedy, The Pacifier (not literally, although that might have improved things somewhat), and now Ice Cube, manly star of Three Kings and XXX2, has decided to go the same route. Perhaps they have the same agent – one who says things like “Okay, to broaden your audience you should do a kids film,” and “Hey Cube, would ya jump off this cliff for me please?”

Directed by Brian Levant (a name sure to drive terror into the hearts of critics), Are We There Yet? takes the simple premise of a rich, lonely bachelor looking for the girl of his dreams and dutifully she arrives…with two nightmare children who take it upon themselves to destroy any chance a possible suitor might have with their mother. One night, Rick stops to help said lonely mom when her car breaks down and they strike up a friendship. The only problem is Rick hates children and a battle of wills with the little ruffians ensues. Plus, this is a movie, so of course Rick has to go on a long car trip with just the kids and a whole lotta trouble begins.

Part Home Alone (or rather Out Alone) part Sleepless in Seattle, Are We There Yet? is sure to amuse the very young but can someone explain to us why Cube has a talking dummy on his dashboard? Can you say “lazy writing”? And there were four writers on this film. Four! Ice Cube is to comedy what Charlotte Church is to pop music, i.e. they should have stuck to what they’re good at.

Special Features:

Ee gad, where do we start? If you thought the film was a completely hollow waste of money (and frankly if you’re above ten and loved it then you need to seek professional help) then all your fears are answered on a blooper reel where it’s painfully obvious that all concerned are on a disturbing ego-trip. Also included: audio commentary from director Brian Levant, DVD ROM (with 2 games), 6 storyboard comparisons, Deleted Scenes, A Tour Of Nick’s Fine Sports Collectibles featurette, The Making of Road Trippin’ featurette and the theatrical trailer.


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Rating: 40%



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