Are You There Charley Bear? DVD Review

Are You There Charley Bear?

May 31, 2011

Starring: James Corden,

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DVD Review

Since Little Charley Bear hit the screen on CBeebies, pre-schoolers across the country have been enjoying the magical, colourful world of Charley and his collection of sweet friends. Now for the first time, a DVD has been created so that children can follow Charley on his enchanting adventures whenever they choose. The animation is lovely and little ones will fall in love with the imaginative, fun loving Charley.

The DVD has seven charming episodes which will delight toddlers and pre-schoolers as Charley takes them into the realms of his vivid imagination. James Corden, best known for his character ‘Smithy’ in Gavin and Stacey, narrates the series. He keeps a watchful eye on the cuddly Charley, whose sense of adventure can sometimes lead him into some comical situations.

Each seven minute episode sees the playful teddy bear embark on a new adventure along with his friends Bellarina the ballerina, Caramel the cow, Midge the teddy bear, Frozo the penguin, Rivet the Robot and Nibblet the rabbit – all gently guided by the narrator. Episodes include Charley donning his sheriff badge in Wild West Caramel, taking to the stage as Pop Star Charley and showing his artistic side in Art in the Park. Children will delight in exploring their own creativity and imagination as Charley inspires them to use everyday objects to invent new worlds in which to play.

Parents will love this DVD. It offers beautiful animation and short bite-size episodes that are gentle enough to be viewed before bedtime. James Corden, now a new father himself, adds a comical dimension and charms little ones and grownups alike with his gentle teasing of the fun loving Charley.

Special features

The DVD extras include a lovely introduction to Charley Bear and his friends, as well as a bonus episode to delight the teddy bear’s pre-school fans. The magical world of Little Charley Bear can continue away from the DVD player with a collection of downloadable colouring sheets as well.

It really is amazing what you can do with your imagination and Little Charley Bear is guaranteed to become a family favourite.

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Cheryl Cain

Rating: 79%



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