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Bo Selecta – Series 3 and Christmas Special DVD Review

Bo Selecta – Series 3 and Christmas Special

June 19, 2005

Director: Ben Palmer, ,
Starring: Leigh Francis, Craig Phillips, ,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

The saying goes ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’. Unfortunately, because of the success of ‘Bo Selecta’, Avid Merrion’s stalker antics have become to well known to the unsuspecting celebrities and the shows concept had to be changed.

Still set in the bizarre world of rubber masks and unsavory random rudeness, Avid Merrion is now the host of a TV chat show (a show within the show) and with his Romanian accent and foul language, interviews his desired celebrity about any taboo subject from bowel movements to ejaculation.

Injecting themselves into the show and breaking the interviews into several segments are the surreal projections of Avid’s mind, where he dresses up, (complete with ludicrous rubber face mask) as his favourite celebrities. The famous folk back from the first two series, are the comically caricatured, Michael Jackson, who has an afro, a single white glove and constantly swearing, and this time is shacked up in a prison cell with Ronnie Barker, Craig David is trying to break into the American market again, (last series he accidentally ended up in Spain) and an even angrier ‘Bear’ makes a welcome return. He has left the treetops of Clappen Common and is now more outgoing but still has the problem of his ‘tail’ popping out.

As it is a brand new series the inevitable new rubber faced characters are doing their best to win our hearts. Newbies include Big Brother 5 winner ‘Nadia’, Kat Slater from Eastenders and a Jim Henson-like puppet called ‘Cocknose’ (and yes, his nose is shape like a Penis). The show has many special guest appearances from ‘real’ celebrities, among them, Emma Bunton, Peter Andre, Jonathan Ross, Denise Van Outen and The Osbourne’s. The new format and new characters will be accepted by fans but will not be so widely loved as in the first two series.

Considering its shockingly offensive nature ‘Bo Selecta’ has been a surprise hit for Channel 4 and created its own cult fan base and its characters catchphrases such as ‘Thankyou Please’, ‘Sha’mone’ and ‘It’ll be proper bo, I tell thee’ have been incorporated into social usage. It’s unlikely any new phrases from series 3 will be taken to heart in the same way. ‘Bo Selecta’ prides itself in being overly weird and so politically incorrect that it easily desensitises the audience and leaves them to enjoy the crude humour. It’s disgusting, detestable, unpalatable comedy at its best.


As always the menu screens are something special, looking like the front page of a celebrity gossip magazine, Avid Merrion entertains us with a seamlessly endless amount of funnies, most of which revolve around insulting the viewer for not making a selection yet.

The extras are more entertaining and even funnier than the episodes themselves. There’s a specially created ‘making of’ that not only gives you laughs but holds several interviews with key figures in the production process, including the director, producers, lighting, props, mask makers and Avid and a number of his alter egos – all in character. The segment is very informative about the creation of all aspects of the show.

The most impressive extra is the inclusion of a third disc which holds the 2003 Christmas special ‘Ho Ho Ho Selecta’, the 2003 Christmas single music video and a Christmas music video ‘making of…’. Once again the making of is better than the actual video itself.

Also included are trailers for both Series 3 and the Christmas Special and the staple of DVD releases Commentaries, Bloopers and Deleted Scenes all brilliantly funny with their own unique introductions.

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Rating: 68%



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