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Bon Jovi – This Left Feels Right LIVE DVD Review

Bon Jovi – This Left Feels Right LIVE

February 14, 2002

Director: Anthony M. Bongiovi,
Starring: Bon Jovi, ,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

This was recorded live on 14 & 15 November 2003 at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

After watching this live concert it’s clear that Bon Jovi are one of the few groups around these days, that can actually perform “LIVE”. Throughout the show they performed each number to portray meaning and emotion, which is a great feat to achieve. You can see in his performance the kind of belief that led him to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to start of his career. He knew he would be a success, and is still relishing the rewards of that bold decision.

As with all bands of Eighties birth, their audience is highly attuned to the atmosphere and is always willing to thrash along with the tracks.

Some of my favourites were performed and many more songs as detailed:-
You Give Love A Bad Name; Keep The Faith; Lay Your Hands On Me; Bad Medicine; Livin On A Prayer; Always;

When performing these numbers during the concert you can pick up on the fact that Jon Bon Jovi still has a very powerful, and in tune singing voice, which some artists seem to lose as they get older, but it also helps to have a great band as well.

The choice of venue was an excellent decision as it added to the atmosphere and the acoustics for each song that was performed, and this then lent itself to the emotional performances of a band in full stride.

Some of the added extras on the DVD were not really needed and were actually rather dull. The items I refer to are as follows:-
“Off The Record”-outtakes-only 3 listed-not very good;
“Everyday with Bon Jovi”-showed the band going to and from rehearsals and the making of the DVD – even if you’re an avid fan you would only be interested in the concert.

An extended version again of the live concert would have been more interesting and exciting for all fans.

On Disc 2-This part of the DVD collection has quite a few interesting items to check out as follows:-
“Clip Poker”-you can interact with the band and play a poker game, which is amusing;
“Q+A”-each member of the group picks a card then answers a question. It actually looks like they are playing poker in the set-up
“Video Jukebox”-With this one there are 6 videos to choose from and you can decided which order they get played in-excellent layout and enjoyable clips;
“Snapshots”-probably not needed as if you have already watched the concert you will have seen all the shots. This section really could have done with something new being added, maybe some great keepsake pictures for that one in a million fan.

Although the extras aren’t ‘write home’ material, it’s a definite buy for that avid Bon Jovi fan.


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Rating: 72%



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