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C.S.I.: Grave Danger DVD Review

C.S.I.: Grave Danger

February 3, 2006

Director: Quentin Tarantino,
Starring: William L. Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, Paul Guilfoyle, ,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

CSI, Crime Scene Investigation is a popular American TV series that has swept across the world spawning many spin offs, video games, comics, novels and heaps of other merchandise, just like many other American shows such as Buffy, X-Files, 24 etc… So what gives CSI any weight? Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Bad Boys, Con Air, Pirates of the Caribbean), his movie magic comes to the TV screen with CSI having an edgy fast paced, ultra stylized aesthetic.

Las Vegas, gambling capital of the world. Tourists flock in and out every day, some to try their luck in the casinos, some to try their luck against the Las Vegas Police Department. Crimes are committed, and in steps the Crime Scene Investigation team. Using amazing attention to detail, scientific skill and the latest technology, CSI analyze the scene, examine the evidence, follow the clues and piece together what happened to solve the mysteries. There is no such thing as the perfect crime; there is always a trace of the truth left behind.

On this DVD is the finale to the fifth series of CSI, a two-part episode, which has been directed and the story has been devised by Quentin Tarantino. After responding to a call about body parts being found at a dumpster site, CSI officer Nick Stokes is kidnapped and buried alive in a glass coffin which contains a loaded gun, a tape recorder, a web-cam and a limited amount of oxygen.

This isn’t the first time that Tarantino has stepped away from movies and put on his TV hat. Much like his stints, in various roles, on ER and Alias, Tarantino seems to be more of a marketing vehicle than actual bonus talent-wise; not bringing anything individual or extraordinary to this already well made, well established and well received show – which is a good thing. All the familiar CSI traits are still here: quick cuts, the flashbacks to what might have happened, the occasional graphic close up and the mixture of dark shadows and nonsensical multi-colored back lighting.

The script is good and paced brilliantly, audiences will always be trying to piece together the clues with the CSI team and also feel genuine dread for the buried Nick Stokes. This two-parter clocks in at approximately one and a half hours and is well worth the time, even if you have never seen a single episode of CSI before, you can easily follow Grave Danger all the way to the “hold your breath” ending.

Special Features:

No commentaries, no docos, no features. But what is there is the pilot episodes for both CSI and its first spin off CSI: Miami. Excellent viewing. If you buy the disc as a Tarantino fan then you might be surprised to find that after watching the very first episode ever you may end up craving more CSI after witnessing the cliffhanger ending.

J.D. is a freelance writer who is currently doing research for a book on the films of Michael Mann. He likes reading anything written by Jack Kerouac, James Ellroy, J.D. Salinger, Harlan Ellison or Thomas Pynchon. J.D. is currently addicted to the T.V. series 24 and enjoys drinking a lot of Sprite. This is not a blatant plug for the beverage but if they ever decided to give him a lifetime supply he certainly wouldn’t turn them down.
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Rating: 75%



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