Darren Jamieson

Cannes movie legend feared dead!

March 26, 2010

Darren Jamieson

The Cannes Film Festival is just around the corner, but sadly tragedy has struck it before it’s even begun as one of the true legends of Cannes, Jacques D’Azur, is missing and feared dead.

The Internet is awash with rumours and news about what happened to Jacques, and whether he is ‘truly’ dead – such as this story from the Cheese Grater.

Jacques is one of Cannes’ legendary filmmakers and a notorious socialite – but his disappearance isn’t all bad news as he had tickets to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, including entry into all of the premiers and some of the best parties, which are now up for grabs!

Through the Belgian beer maker Stella Artois 4%, you can enter a competition to become the next Jacques D’Azur and win flights to the Cannes Film Festival, hotel accommodation for the duration of the festival, entry into all of the star-studded premiers, access to the awards show itself and best of all: entry to the star filled parties.

Basically, everything Jacques had planned – but is now unable to go himself.

If you visit this website you’ll be able to watch a video of Jacques’ will being read, and learn exactly what you have to do to stand a chance of claiming the tickets to Cannes.

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