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Curiosity on the Discovery Channel

August 12, 2011

Darren Jamieson

Fans of QI on the BBC (or, more often, on Dave) who have a thirst for knowledge and how things work will be interested to know about Curiosity, a new show on the Discovery Channel. Curiosity feeds our desire for knowledge and ‘what makes things tick’ by offering up explanations on some of the most pertinent questions of our age.

Such questions answered include ‘just why, exactly, is sex enjoyable’ – something that is sure to draw large viewing figures, and ‘what really would happen on earth if aliens attacked us’?

While these may be the sorts of questions that get asked down the pub, or asked by students while they sit around their dorms watching ‘Pingu’, the Discovery Channel aims to answer them properly, leaving no stone unturned.

Each episode of Curiosity takes one particular question and examines it thoroughly, looking for the definitive answer. Also, rather than students or blokes down the pub, Curiosity draws on the knowledge and reasoning power of some of the sharpest minds of our age, such as Professor Stephen Hawking, and stars from the world of stage and screen such as Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Other questions answered in this series include ‘Why do we dream?’, ‘Would you want to know how you were going to die?’ and the simple little question of ‘Is there a god?’.

If you’re curious about the way the world works, or if you just want to watch something seriously interesting, then you’ll want to catch Curiosity.

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