Fireman Sam: Ready for Action DVD Review

Fireman Sam: Ready for Action

April 20, 2011


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DVD Review

Over recent years Fireman Sam has had a complete overhaul. The little figurines that were painstakingly filmed using stop-motion animation are now gone and have instead been replaced by high-tech computer generated graphics, bringing this much loved children’s character right up to date. The animation is excellent, the imagery eye catching for little ones and the signature tune is as catchy as ever.

The DVD contains five exciting episodes which are guaranteed to grip toddlers and pre-schoolers alike. The action packed storylines will thrill little ones with plenty of flashing lights and speeding ‘nee naws’, guaranteeing parents 50 minutes of unadulterated peace and quiet.

The DVD offers parents great flexibility with options to select individual episodes, each ten minutes long, or to let it run for the full 50 minutes allowing adequate time to get the dinner on or catch up on some emails.

The stories revolve around our hero Fireman Sam and the likeable cast of Pontypandy. There are a host of mishaps and happenings that befall the residents of this idyllic Welsh village and the fire crew arrives on cue to rescue their friends each and every time. The DVD will not only entertain budding fire-fighters but also provides guidance on important issues such as how to avoid accidents, fire safety and the importance of following directions. Fireman Sam is educational as well as entertaining!

Special features

Extras included on the DVD are a Fireman Sam Weblink and a photo gallery. The photo gallery is a simple but effective feature. Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love viewing the gallery and recounting the tales they have just watched supporting their learning in the area of story comprehension.

This DVD comes highly recommended and will entertain both staunch fans of Fireman Sam as well as those children new to this lovable hero. With positive messages for children and entertaining storylines in manageable 10 minute episodes it is a great addition to the family DVD collection.

Cheryl Cain

Rating: 72%



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