Flood DVD Review


October 26, 2007

Director: Tony Mitchell,
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, Tom Courtenay, Joanne Whalley, David Suchet, Nigel Planer, Ralph Brown,

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DVD Review

I’m a huge movie lover. I’ve spent the last 30 odd years watching films and I have got to say ‘Flood’ is by far the biggest honk of Camel shit I’ve ever sat through – 120 minutes of pure pain. The basic “premise” runs like this…estranged meteorologoist father Leonard (Courtenay) and Marine Engineer son (Carlyle) are caught up in a weather related disaster as spring tides meet a freak North Sea Superstorm, flooding London. Brought together at the Thames Barrier, they are flung apart again by the elements as Rob leaps into a swollen Thames with his ex wife. These two meet clumps of survivors and plucky London Transport Engineers as they journey upstream to Central London losing comrades to the waters as they go. Dad meanwhile is airlifted to the secret Government HQ to help save the capital from the flooding. With 200,000 dead and as many displaced in emergency refugee camps in Greenwich Park only a bold plan to repel the rising waters will save Kensington and Battersea. Father and son unite again for the time pressured final action event back at the barrier with the added threat of an air strike…..sounds good? hahahah

Tony Mitchell (director) has got a lot to answer for. His previous efforts have been TV bodge jobs Neanderthal and Supervolcano, which were very forgetful attempts at entertainment. My question is who the hell let him loose on a feature film with decent actors, which I must admit ‘Flood’ has…Tom Courtenay, Robert Carlyle, David Suchet, Joanne Whalley and Vivian from the Young Ones. Now with a cast like that you would hope for some thing half decent…..oh no. Mitchell has no concept of action sequences and how they work. Constantly zooming don’t constitute action, Tony. And those pathetic attempts at tension in the final sequence are laughable. Mitchell again had a hand in the script which is non-existent and utter garbage, leaving the actors looking like complete twats.

The visuals are bargain basement CGI….if your gonna do an action disaster movie at least get the visuals right, but I guess Mitchell forgot this key ingredient. I hope Mitchell ends up shelf stacking in Morrisons on the night shift on minimum wage because he doesn’t deserve another attempt at film making. With so much young talent out there with original scripts and ideas, garbage like this still floods through. Avoid like the clap.

Rating: 13%



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  1. ssNo Gravatar on November 27th, 2010 9:41 pm

    a failed propaganda tool of the carbon tax industry, selling the idea that disaster will be upon us if we do not pay extra global carbon tax, because we are supposed to be the sole reasons for climate change….WHAHAHAHA…google “climategate”…shit…uh.. I mean movi hit the fan….BWAHAHAHA

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