Iron Man 3 Cinema Review

May 22, 2013

It’s the Marvel comic movie series of the moment, and in Iron Man 3 we see Robert Downey Jr coming back to the big screen as Tony Stark – the all-in-one industrial tycoon and inventor stroke superhero and bionic man.

Iron Man 3 is on pretty much everywhere at the moment, from Centertainment in Sheffield through to every other Cineplex across the nation you can’t fail to find a place to watch the Iron Man being put through his paces by two dastardly villains.

As the film opens we see that Tony Stark has been taking it easy in Malibu after helping the rest of the Avengers save the planet in New York. But he’s brought back into action mode by a series of panic attacks and threats from the crazed villain the Mandarin – played superbly by Ben Kingsley, who gives us his most dazzling menacing performance since his role as Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

Stark is also up against another villain Aldrich Killian – played by Guy Pearce. Killian is a handsome chemist who has created a serum that will turn humans into living bombs.

Iron Man 3 is shot in 3D and written and directed by Shane Black. Special effects were provided by 17 different companies. Downey gives a fantastic performance as the increasingly neurotic Stark, and his love interests are played by Gwyneth Paltrow – Stark’s longtime girlfriend and business partner Pepper Potts  – and Rebecca Hall, who plays the part of a former girlfriend of Stark’s.

This superhero movie is just as it should be – larger than life, both in terms of the performances and the special effects. Stark suffers the loss of his super-suits for much of this movie, so we see him at his most vulnerable, especially with the focus on his anxiety attacks. But although there’s plenty of gritty and gruesome violence, the film is lightened by plenty of quips and comic moments.

And for those cinemagoers who are really watching the Iron Man 3 movie in order to see Downey Jr more than the suit, a welcome development is that for most of the film Stark’s arms and legs are galvanised, but we still get to see his face!


Gemma is an avid film-watcher who loves to keep on top of the latest movies but also enjoys re-discovering old classics. She thinks that nothing can beat a good action movie but has been known to enjoy the odd rom-com every now and again!


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