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Meet Strawberry Shortcake DVD Review

Meet Strawberry Shortcake

April 13, 2002


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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

I sat down to review this short childrens film which is aimed mainly at girls with my two young children. Robbie is 3 years old and Kira is 21 months. As soon as the film started with the opening sequence introducing Strawberry Shortcake in a song clip both my children were transfixed. They both thoroughly enjoyed watching the 30 minute film to the extent that they have now asked to watch it 10 times and get upset if I turn it off. Which is an excellent advert for this as apart from the usual films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc etc they won’t sit still long enough.

The story revolves around Strawberry Shortcake deciding to arrange a birthday party for her little sister Apple who is 1 years old.

Strawberry makes a list of items they will need then gets a map of all the fun places they will need to visit and explore to get the shopping they need. The places they need to find are:-

Cookie Corner, Juice Land, Cake World and Upper Hat Rack.

They have plenty of fun, adventure and mishaps along the way. They also end up making 5 new friends who after getting their help with the party food, they then remember to invite them to the birthday party.

It is a short film but it sends out a lovely and easy to understand message about how to make new friends. I believe it will help young children learn how to make friends.

I would definitely recommend “Meet Strawberry Shortcake” as an excellent buy for all parents with young children.

Also I see that they have recently released toys which are advertised as collectibles.

As a Mum watching this film I didn’t find it boring, it was quite interesting even after the 10th time especially as it get my two happy and quiet.

I have been racking my brains to try to compare this with other TV programmes aimed at young children and I have to say that at the moment I have not seen anything similar. There are plenty of programmes that have friendship and learning in them though but they are the only similarities. That is why my children enjoyed it so much.

J.D. is a freelance writer who is currently doing research for a book on the films of Michael Mann. He likes reading anything written by Jack Kerouac, James Ellroy, J.D. Salinger, Harlan Ellison or Thomas Pynchon. J.D. is currently addicted to the T.V. series 24 and enjoys drinking a lot of Sprite. This is not a blatant plug for the beverage but if they ever decided to give him a lifetime supply he certainly wouldn’t turn them down.
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Rating: 90%



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