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Rammstein – Lichtspielhaus DVD Review

Rammstein – Lichtspielhaus

October 20, 2002


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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

I have to admit that while I have heard of the German heavy metal band Rammstein I wasn’t particularly looking forward to sitting through this 3 and a half hour DVD of their concerts, videos and behind the scene footage. Their image is ferociously industrial and visceral so automatically intriguing but I’m not a bigfan of this type of music or shock rock.

Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised as a music DVD this is really rather impressive. Very well produced and packaged.

The DVD itself is full to the brim of visual imagery ensuring your interest (even if your not a huge fan) is sustained throughout. The interface is 3D, which helps improve quality of the package especially considering the length.

Like the majority of concert DVD’s it’s hard to recreate the atmosphere of a live concert in your living room and this, while very entertaining, is not really an exception. Having not seen Rammstein live I can’t justifiably compare the difference however I can imagine witnessing the nightmarish industrial imagery that so represent this band is quite something to behold. The DVD contains some fantastic footage especially the werewolf sequence of Du Riechst So Gut ’98, the battle between normal-sized and scary large ants of Links 2-3-4, the retelling of Snow White in Sonne or the strip club thrills of Engel.

If you navigate through the very good menu system, which is entirely in keeping with the band’s music, the first section of the DVD contains the following videos:

  • Du Riechst So Gut ’95 (4m01s)
  • Seemann (4m15s)
  • Rammstein (4m29s)
  • Engel (4m24s)
  • Du Hast (3m54s)
  • Du Riechst So Gut ’98 (4m23s)
  • Stripped (3m12s)
  • Sonne (3m58s)
  • Links 2-3-4 (3m35s)
  • Ich Will (4m07s)
  • Mutter (3m46s)
  • Feuer Frei (3m09s)

Additional Extra Features;

  • Du Hast (15m58s)
  • Du Riechst So Gut ’98 (6m56s)
  • Sonne (22m56s)
  • Links 2-3-4 (10m11s)
  • Ich Will (19m55s)

The behind the scene footage is good to excellent with some decent interviews with individuals who worked backstage on concerts or who were involved in the creation of the videos.

While overall this is really my cup of tea Lichtspielhaus is an excellent release for fans; the music is great while videos and packaging is top notch. A team and company who seem to understand the band they’re working for have, quite clearly, produced this DVD.


J.D. is a freelance writer who is currently doing research for a book on the films of Michael Mann. He likes reading anything written by Jack Kerouac, James Ellroy, J.D. Salinger, Harlan Ellison or Thomas Pynchon. J.D. is currently addicted to the T.V. series 24 and enjoys drinking a lot of Sprite. This is not a blatant plug for the beverage but if they ever decided to give him a lifetime supply he certainly wouldn’t turn them down.
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Rating: 85%



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