Save Money on Blu-Rays

June 25, 2010

Curling up on the sofa and watching a movie has long been a fun past-time for many of us and one that has actually increased in popularity since the credit crunch due to people wanting to stay in and save money rather than going out on the town to spend, spend, spend.

This is definitely the cheaper of the two past-times but what about those of us who are no longer happy with the humble DVD and who want some quality film excellence in our living rooms? Well for us it can still be a very expensive hobby to enjoy. Since Blu-Rays have appeared on the market, DVDs and DVD players have dropped in price significantly but the cost of Blu-Ray movies and Blu-Ray players have stayed around the same. If this is starting to ruin your movie night fun then here are a few ways to help you save money on Blu-Ray movies;

Ebay and Amazon

At both of these sites you’ll find Blu-Ray movies for a lot less than you will in the high street shops. It has to be remembered that not all movies will be found at a lower price but the majority can be so keep an eye out for those deals.

Start out by searching these websites for the best deals available, remember that there will be more than one seller selling these items so look around and compare the offers before you buy. You can also get great money off Amazon vouchers , as well as Ebay, so always see if you can find a discount before you purchase anything from these sites.

Use websites

Choose from the many free cash back websites out there to help save you money. One of the well known ones is ebates and this can help you to buy an item and then get some cash back a few days later.

Once you’ve looked around and found a great deal on Blu-Rays online it’s a good idea to then search for cash back websites and get an even better deal. You may find that they will offer you a percentage back on one of the websites you come across.

Comparison websites will also prove very successful as well. Sites such as can help save you money and time by comparing a huge list of Blu-Rays at the click of a button and now you can even save money with the many discount codes they have on offer at the site. Make sure you check here before going shopping.

Local pawn shops

Due to Blu-Ray movies only being out for a short period of you may find that some people have decided to sell their and get some of the money back. Get down to your local pawn shop and search for the titles you’re after on Blu-Ray. They may be used but you’ll find that they are a great deal cheaper.

Follow these few ideas and you’ll find your favourite movies on Blu-Ray for a price that will mean you can buy a few for the price of just one in the shops. Just make sure you compare before deciding what to buy.


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