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Sheryl Crow: C’mon America DVD Review

Sheryl Crow: C’mon America

August 7, 2003

Director: Martyn Atkins,
Starring: Sheryl Crow,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

Recorded live in Ohio last summer, the queen of country (no, the other one) rocks our world with hits past and present.

Whilst some artists decide to change their appearance and music style as often as they change their socks, Sheryl Crow is that odd breed of modern musician who lets her music speak for itself. You won’t catch her with a snake and a mini-skirt at a fancy awards bash.


Still, wearing jeans and carrying an acoustic guitar isn’t an altogether bad image for a small-town country singer who made the big time with hits like All I Wanna Do (recently butchered in the charts) and If It Makes You Happy in the mid 90’s. C’Mon America is a reasonably intimate live concert filmed at Fraze Pavillion in Ohio. It’s a relaxed affair and Crow herself hits the nail on the head by describing the audience as ‘god-fearing folk’ just out for a good time.

Personally I’m not a fan of live music, so if I was actually at the concert I’d probably be more interested in the giant screens showing all host of random footage, from the opening Bullitt homage for the song ‘Steve McQueen’ to political quotes about the war in Iraq which was, in July 2003, still in full swing. Crow herself is fairly laid-back on stage (a timid woo-hoo! is usually the most you’ll get in terms of all-out craziness from her) but bellows out the songs we know and love with zest.

Fans will lap all this up purely because of the great songs, but if you already own the CDs, this is just a distinctly average concert enlivened by some nice camera work.

Special Features:

None to speak of unfortunately. The concert is widescreen but not anamorphic, but the colours really do pop on this transfer so you probably won’t care too much. You get a choice of Dolby 5.1 or 2.0. That’s your lot.


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Rating: 60%



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