Test the Nation DVD Review

Test the Nation

February 19, 2006

Director: Julian Smith,
Starring: Anne Robinson, Phillip Schofield,

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DVD Review

There are so many ways to play the BBC’s interactive television quiz show Test the Nation. You can use the Internet, your digital T.V. remote, text messages, pen and paper, you can be on your own, against your family and every quiz is a different theme. You can even compare your own score with the celebrities in the studio. Unfortunately that is the television show and not the interactive DVD game. The basics are there, a question and multiple choice answers for you to select from, and Anne Robinson. The excitement of the live studio show just doesn’t translate to this DVD and therefore a huge element of the successful show is missing.

There are two discs each containing a different subject: disc one “The Great British Quiz” and on the second “The National IQ Test.” Both presented by Anne Robinson in what seems to be generic piece to camera instructions. The set looks the same on both discs and footage has been repeated. The question screens are very basic and almost a bore to look at, you do not get Anne Robinson reading the questions like you do on T.V., which is quite unsettling as you have very minimal amount of time to read the question, understand the question, read the possible answers and then use your remote to select the answer you want. Both quizzes are pretty quick to do and can be over in approximately 45 minutes, which might leave your evening feeling a bit empty.

The Great British Quiz features over 1000 questions of which 70 are randomly selected for the quiz, so the good news is that you could do this many times and get different questions on pop, food, and politics just to name a few categories. However, those playing as a family should be aware that it’s unlikely that any youngsters would be able to answer many of the questions – but they could still guess. At the end, the DVD player works out your score for you, answers are only given if playing as a group.

The National IQ Test is a genuine IQ test and the more fun out of the two discs with sections on logic, observation, visual memory, reasoning and picture puzzles. The DVD player will work out an accurate IQ score based upon your age, sex and answers. This test consists of the same questions every time you play and you always have the option of seeing the answers afterwards.

This DVD is not a brilliant representation of what Test the Nation is all about and will not replace the fun of playing a board game with friends and family or just watching a good film.

Viren Udeshi

Rating: 48%



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