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The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury DVD Review

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

December 27, 2004

Director: Peter Chung,
Starring: Vin Diesel, Rhiana Griffith, Keith David, Roger L. Jackson, Tress MacNeille, Nick Chinlund, Dwight Schultz, Sarge, Julia Fletcher, Hedy Burress, Andrew Philpot, Rick Gomez, ,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

“Dark Fury” tells the story of what happened after “Pitch Black”. The great thing about this is that they used anime as a medium, which is so much more versatile than standard film. Vin Diesel still voices the character of Riddick, and let’s face it, it wouldn’t really be Riddick without that deep, gravely, throaty voice. The storyline itself is interesting, and they’ve really taken the sci-fi element and heightened it while still leaving some things to the imagination.

The anime itself is more focused on the character and character progression, of Riddick. At only 30 minutes long, it’s short but sweet. I think they got the length just right, any longer and the whole thing would begin to grate on the mind. Overall a fascinating insight into the events that occurred after “Pitch Black”, and a good set-up for the future, “Chronicles of Riddick”.

Special Features

Again there is the option of subtitles, just in English, and scene selection. The making “Dark Fury” documentary talks about the purpose of it, and how it fits in between “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles of Riddick”. It also explains the story behind “Dark Fury” and explains things more fully, things that are unclear. There is a brief character breakdown, and then it concentrates more fully on the animation aspect.

The “Dark Fury” animatic is interesting to watch. To see the pure basics of the animation itself, with no sound or music, just the dialogue from the actors, is fascinating. The variations from this very basic version to the finalised version are also interesting to note. Another mini-doc worth a look at if you’re interested in animation is “Peter Chung – into the mind of an animator” which goes more in depth into animation itself. There’s a contrasting “View into the light” on this disc which focuses more on “Chronicles of Riddick” – how the old characters have developed, how new characters are introduced. More of the plot is revealed, I feel that perhaps they are revealing a little too much, leaving little to the imagination. However, I also feel that the purpose of this, to encourage people to go and see “Chronicles of Riddick” at the cinema when it’s released, is met with great enthusiasm. Overall, I’d say definitely worth a look in you’re a big fan of “Pitch Black” and looking forward to the release of “Chronicles of Riddick”.

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