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The Lost Room DVD Review

The Lost Room

May 14, 2007

Director: Michael Watkins, Craig R. Baxley,
Starring: Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies, Elle Fanning, Kevin Pollak, Dennis Christopher,

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DVD Review

J.D. Lafrance

Originally airing on the Sci Fi Channel, The Lost Room (2006) is a mini-series that blends The X-Files with David Lynch in an intriguing way. Detective Joe Miller (Krause) investigates a bizarre double homicide with his partner. They track down a witness only to lose him several times under mysterious and unexplainable circumstances. He finally shows up at Miller’s apartment and gives the lawman a motel room key before dying. He tells him rather cryptically that it opens every door. It is actually a key to Room 10 in the Sunshine Motel, a portal of sorts to anywhere in the world. Once in the room, if you close the door and then open it and step through, you are transported to anywhere in the world. Miller figures this out and how to travel to specific destinations. His daughter Anna (Fanning) lives with him and she soon what the key can do as well.

Obviously, a key with those kinds of properties is a highly sought after item with several dangerous parties interested in obtaining it through whatever means necessary. There is the initially benign Karl Kreutzfeld (Pollak), a pawnshop owner who knows a lot more than we are originally led to believe, including being a possible member of the Order of Reunification, a secret group that believes that collecting all of the magical objects will result in something significant, like perhaps direct contact with God. There is also Jennifer Bloom (Margulies), a member of a group called The Legion that tries to get rid of all of the objects.

Miller soon encounters other people with everyday objects that have their own magical power, like a Jennifer’s nail file that can render someone unconscious on sight or a bus ticket that can instantly transport someone to a country road in the middle of New Mexico. He finds out that there are over 100 objects each with their own power and all originating from the motel room. However, a run-in with someone with another magical object results in Anna becoming lost in the room and her father has no idea where she went. Miller retains the key and each episode features him looking for his daughter.

And with this intriguing premise, The Lost Room proceeds to create its own fascinating mythology as the major players in this unfolding drama become more clearly defined. We learn the rules of this hidden world at the same time that Miller does and are given tantalizing bits of information like how when two specific objects are brought together, they produce an entirely different power. Some rules are told to him by others and sometimes he finds out on his own.

Special Features:

“Inside The Lost Room” features the actors gushing about the addictive nature of the screenplay for the pilot episode that got them hooked to do the show in the first place. The origins for The Lost Room came from two core ideas and the creators proceeded to expand the show’s universe from there. Cast and crew talk about the show’s themes and various aspects like the motel room and the objects.

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