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The Thriller in Manila released on DVD on 17th November DVD Review

The Thriller in Manila released on DVD on 17th November

November 14, 2008

Starring: Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier,

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DVD Review

Darren Jamieson

Fight fans will love to know that the Thriller in Manila, the fight between Ali and Frazier, is out on DVD on November 17th with a host of extras.

The press release is as follows:

A powerful new feature-length documentary, Thriller in Manila tells the story of the bitter and intense rivalry surrounding what is now considered the greatest ever boxing match in history, released exclusively by 4DVD on 17th November 2008.

This compelling documentary charts the vicious feud, entwined with the racial politics of 1970s America, which formed between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier; culminating in their most-famous fight in 1975 in the Philippines – the third and final confrontation between two friends-turned-bitter rivals.

After being stripped of his heavyweight title and license to box for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War, Ali was held in contempt by the boxing establishment and many of his fans. However Frazier, who took the heavyweight crown, stood by him respecting his courageous religious beliefs and even petitioned Washington to reinstate his license.

In 1971, after three and a half years in the wilderness, Ali got his license back but dramatically turned on his one time friend and ally Joe Frazier. The two men were caught in the battle for the soul of black America. Becoming the mouthpiece for the religious group Nation of Islam, Ali portrayed Frazier as a traitor to the black community, an insult which cut to the core of his being.

By the time of the third fight in Manila, the relationship was at boiling point and their extraordinary personal battle led to a fight that was a near-death experience for both of them.

With exclusive interviews from Joe Frazier, Frazier’s son, boxing experts and team members from both fighter’s camps, along with incredible archive footage and music of the time Thriller In Manila is the definitive account of this iconic event.

Thriller in Manila will be broadcast on More4 this winter and is out to buy exclusively from 4DVD on Monday 17th November.

DVD details:
Release date: 17th November
Running time: 95 mins approx
Format: 1 x DVD
RRP: £19.99
Cert: 15
Cat number: C4DVD10254

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