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Top Gear: The Complete Season 11 DVD Review

Top Gear: The Complete Season 11

January 26, 2010

Starring: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May,

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DVD Review

Darren Jamieson

Top Gear may be a British institution, but in the UK we never get an entire series released on DVD – we have to make do with Clarkson’s many Christmas releases, and the occasional wine programme with James May. In the US however, Top Gear is released by season on DVD, and season 11 and 12 are out now.

Season 11, if you remember, was the one after the Hammster’s crash, where we all thought he would be nothing more than a drooling mess. He wasn’t, sort of. In this season the team went on another one of their massive races, where Jeremy Clarkson raced against Japanese public transport, something which is never, ever late.

The team also took some old bangers and made police cars out of them. Well, they tried at least. Hammond’s hairdresser’s 4×4 effort didn’t really work, and Clarkson’s chariot add-on merely took his wheel off when he attempted to apprehend the Stig.

Hammond and Clarkson continue their joke of crashing into James May’s car whenever they come to a stop, even when May has bought a rather attractive Alpha Romeo in the team’s Alpha challenge.

The highlight of the series however was when the boys took on their German counterparts in a Top Gear challenge. They arrive in Spitfires, before jumping into Aston Martins, to the theme from Dambusters (but never once mention the war).

This challenge concludes as a rather ‘Stig’ looking James May makes up several seconds on a German touring car racer to win it for Blighty.

Top Gear is fun for boys at its purest form, and great entertainment to boot.

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