Shameless Series 6 DVD Review

Shameless Series 6

June 4, 2009

Director: Paul Abbott,
Starring: David Threlfall, Gerard Kearns, Elliott Tittensor, Rebecca Ryan, Rebecca Atkinson, Kelli Hollis,

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DVD Review

Having been a big fan of Shameless from Series 1, and Series 6 will not disappoint. There are the usual laughs and Series 6 continues with the same mix of sex, drugs and scams that it has always had. I wonder what people must think of urban Manchester when they watch this stuff.

If there is to be one criticism, it’s that Shameless is still exactly the same so if you’re looking for the same comfort blanket then it’s great but some may be disappointed that it hasn’t evolved so you have to wonder how many more series they can get from this format.

The characters are as wild as ever; Sean Gilder continues to be my favourite as Patrick Maguire, and I won’t spoil the plot but his lines in one particular episode made my day. If however Gerard Kearns who plays Ian is your favourite, you might be slightly disappointed as he is missing from a few episodes in the middle. Part of the great and worst thing about Shameless is that they have made it so much of an ensemble show, your favourite characters don’t always get many episodes any more!

Fans of Shameless will continue to love the colourful characters and ever changing plot, but for me, Shameless has never been the same since James McAvoy left.

Lianne Wilkinson

Rating: 87%



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